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Our approach

Enrich and broaden your product range with added value. As your innovation partner, we work with you to think through new solutions, precisely tailored to the needs of your customers.

Fast time-to-market? Our white label approach allows you to seamlessly integrate our customer-ready insurance modules and assistance services into your products. We handle the operational aspect in your name and according to your high quality standards

Would you prefer a tailor-made solution? If so, we start a co-creation process with you and develop a unique customized solution that radiates your corporate culture and strategy, and reinforces your customer loyalty. Co-creation or white labelling? With AXA Partners, you guarantee exceptional customer experiences.

Co-creation – innovative tailor-made solutions

Have you discovered a market demand and would like to offer a unique custom solution to satisfy it? We will work with you to develop an innovative solution that perfectly matches your customers' needs.

Please feel free to contact us


We will look into the market needs and your current offering with you. Then we will consider a product that will close the gap between the two.


We research consumer needs in your sector and test the relevance of possible solutions.

A unique solution

We work with you to create a unique and innovative product that provides a perfect response to your market demand.

White labelling – it works like this

You make your brand and products shine. This is the goal of using our white label approach. You put together your package with our insurance modules and assistance services. You offer our assistance under your brand name and we carry it out in your name – without you having to deploy any additional manpower. In this way, you strengthen your offer and image, give your customers more impressive experiences, and distinguish yourself from your competitors.


Frequently asked questions

  • How do we offer our services?

    Our services are always distributed by a business partner. There are, however, several distribution options as follows.

    • Inclusion: Here, the service element is an integral part of our partner's basic product. For example, a travel cancellation insurance in a credit card package.
    • Optional: The service element is not automatically included in the partner's basic product, but it is available for addition as an option. For example, car assistance included as an option with a car insurance policy.
    • Standalone: Our business partner offers the service element as an independant product. For example, home assistance from an energy supplier.

  • Do we also work B2C?

    We offer our services through Business Partners and not directly to consumers. Of course, you will come into contact with our services if you need to use any of them.

  • In which sectors are we active?

    We work with business partners in eight sectors. Banking, Insurance, Utilities, Healthcare, Travel, Telecom, Retail and Automotive. The product range and distribution are adapted according to the sector. More info is available on our sector pages.

  • What is the relationship with other AXA entities?

    AXA Partners Benelux is part of the AXA Partners group with its headquarters in Paris. We are in contact with our sister companies AXA Insurance and AXA Bank, but work independently and not exclusively for them. We have active partnerships with various players within the banking and insurance sector and we are always open to future developments.

  • How do we organize the services?

    The unique aspect of our products is that they mainly consist of services. We select specialized service providers for these. We provide the necessary geographic spread and make clear agreements with regard to quality, SLAs and contract conditions. Thanks to this agreement and cooperation, they are, as it were, part of our network.

  • How does the contact centre work?

    We provide a 24/7 contact service for many of our services. This contact centre is located in Brussels and is entirely in-house. Our contact centre is continuously connected to all our contact centres around the world.

Interested in a collaboration?

Would you like to link our assistance formulas to give added value to your offering? And perhaps offer your customers extra assistance and service under your brand name – but without having to deploy additional people? We are happy to work with you behind the scenes, using our expertise in assistance to make your brand really shine. Interested? Simply call or email us.

We want to strengthen and deepen our partnerships. Working with our partners, we create services that help people live better lives.