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Home Manager

Easy access to repair service

Why should you offer Home Manager?

With Home Manager, your customer can quickly and easily arrange a visit from a professional in the event of breakdowns or malfunctions in the home. A leaky water pipe or a defective heating system? Just a few simple clicks and the repair service is on the way. Your customer tracks the progress of the intervention by smartphone until the problem is resolved.

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to come and help at home
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ready to go into action in any country

Handy web app for quick intervention

A breakdown or malfunction is always inconvenient. And then the calling or texting back and forth with a repairman has yet to begin. With the Home Manager platform, your customer can easily arrange an emergency intervention simply by using a smartphone. Thanks to the appointment confirmation and repair updates, the customer has the situation under control from start to finish.

Home Manager seamlessly guides your customers to a quick solution: 

  • Online assistance request: your customer will receive a link to the online Home Manager platform via text message. The customer outlines the problem and possibly also uploads photos of the damage.
  • Appointment with a professional: your customer can accept or reschedule the suggested appointment with the right professional and will immediately receive confirmation.
  • Real-time updates: your customer receives a notification when the technician arrives and is kept informed of the repair – in real time.

With Home Manager, your customer has the situation under control

With Home Manager, for your customer, arranging a solution is easy, even under stress. Your brand offers reassurance: everything is under control and will soon be back to normal. 

Want to know more? Just CONTACT us.

Your customer takes control
Your customer takes control

Your customer arranges the intervention of a professional and keeps control over the progress of the repair.

A positive customer experience
A positive customer experience

Service that's fast and easy, simply via a smartphone. And the feeling that everything will be fine.

Real-time contact with your customers
Real-time contact with your customers

You guide your customers step-by-step towards a solution and keep them informed with live updates.

Easy access to service
Easy access to service

No app to download and no logins. Just a simple click on a web link and assistance is at your fingertips.

A few of the advantages

Advantages for you
  • You reduce the number of calls to your call centers or organisation
  • You have better information and more accurate service
  • You create more touchpoints with your customer and stay top of mind
  • You can easily integrate the app into your ecosystem
Advantages for your customers
  • In the event of an emergency, your customer is in control
  • Your customer doesn't need to download an app
  • Your customer can easily find the way to the right emergency service
  • Your customer has a clear view of the progress of the repair
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