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(e-)Bike Assistance

Responding to the cycling trend

Why offer (e-)Bike Assistance?

What if a bicycle is stolen in the middle of the city? Or someone has a cycling accident in Norway? With Bike Assistance, your customer and his or her household benefit from assistance and cover for incidents involving a bicycle. The all-in bicycle insurance for both fully electric (e-bikes) and normal bicycles, e-steps, as well as speed pedelecs (electrically assisted pedal bikes). It allows you to provide a solution to match this growing mobility trend.

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back on the road in 2018
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ready to go into action in any country

Make your customer a king of the cycle path

The two-wheeler is on the move; a constantly increasing number of adults are choosing the bicycle or e-bike as their commuter mode. Then why not protect that vehicle in the same way as their car?

With Bike Assistance, you ensure that your customers can enjoy carefree cycling. They enjoy comprehensive assistance and coverage in the event of an accident - both at home and abroad. What if the bicycle, speed pedelec; e-step or e-bike is stolen? We get your customer home safely.

Insurance for the customer and his family

What if your customer has hit a pole with his bicycle? Or has a flat tyre on a towpath? We will send a bicycle repairer, and we will get your customer home if necessary.

Coverage for damage, theft and loss

What if a customer cannot find their bike after a café visit? We get your customer home safely.

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Extensive range of related services

Need a cycle pickup service, taxi or hotel stay? The Bike Assistance standby team is already on its way.

And this applies for speed pedelecs and e-bikes too

Bike Assistance offers an answer to modern mobility demands.

Here is a list of some of the advantages

Advantages for you
  • You provide a solution to match the new mobility needs
  • You have a product that complies with all regulations and legislation
  • You enrich your overall offering or link the insurance to your products
  • You do not have to worry at all about practical service aspects
Advantages for your customers
  • Extensive coverage and assistance
  • Support available 24/7
  • Coverage for the whole family
  • A good addition to vehicle insurance
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