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The digital travel buddy for your customers

What can E-Wallet mean to you?

With E-Wallet, you can offer your customers the ultimate in travel convenience, both during and after their trip. Tickets, documents, receipts: everything is there, just one click away, and available on their phone anytime, day or night. So you have more time to devote to your travelling customers when they really need it.

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Smart portal app for your travelling customers

De E-Wallet is the digital gateway to assistance and services on your trip. When there's an emergency, how will your customer get their hands on the right insurance document, or get themselves a mechanic? The portal app gets your travelling customer to the right documents and services.

As issuer, there are four things you can set up in the E-Wallet:

  • Access to crucial info: important contracts and documents, all in one place: travel policies, travel documents, credit card info, online insurance claims
  • Emergency guide: digital guidebook for emergency situations, emergency numbers and assistance addresses 
  • Digital calling card: automatically share contact info with other smartphones 
  • Real time service: link to service apps, updates or even temporary offers - in real time

With E-Wallet, you travel with your customer

Thanks to E-Wallet, you as a brand stay close to your customer as they travel. So you can offer them a superior customer experience at the moments they need it most: in emergencies, to make their trip go as smoothly as possible, and to enhance their vacation experience wherever possible.

The handy portal app points your customer straight to the right service providers, and puts all the vital information they need right at their fingertips. But you can also use the E-Wallet to offer your customers services via third-party apps. Or inform them of temporary offers tailored to their traveller profile. And update their travel information in real time.

Want to know more? Just contact us.

Realtime contact
Real-time contact with your customers

You travel along with your customer, and keep them on top of all updates and offers "live".

Insurance papers and claim follow-up.
Insurance papers and claim follow-up.

Your customer can see at a glance what you will be arranging for them and what their coverage includes. And they can submit a claim immediately, online, if they need to.

Improve your customer experience
Improve your customer experience

Credit card numbers, contact information, travel info... Your customer has everything in the palm of their hand, right there in their smartphone. It's a service that frequent business travellers really appreciate!

Emergency info the traveller needs, always at their fingertips
Emergency info the traveller needs, always at their fingertips

From emergency numbers to assistance addresses: immediate access to all vital information the minute something goes wrong.

A few of the advantages

Advantages for you
  • You reduce the number of calls to call centers or your organisation
  • You increase customer satisfaction and engagement with your brand
  • You travel with your customer and stay top of mind
  • You integrate apps more easily into your ecosystem
Advantages for your customers
  • Your customer has all vital information and documents in one place
  • In emergencies, the traveller knows exactly who to contact and what to do
  • Helps your customer on their way, so they are more relaxed throughout their trip
  • Your customer can fall back on your assistance and support 24/7
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