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Dear visitor,
By continuing your visit to this website of INTER PARTNER ASSISTANCE (hereafter referred to as "AXA PARTNERS"), you confirm that you have read and understood the following disclaimer and accept its contents.
This website contains primarily economic information from AXA PARTNERS, information concerning the services and products offered by our group via its sales network and partners and thus also, to a large extent, advertising for these products and services.

AXA PARTNERS reserves the right to make use of software in order to measure and analyse general visitor information of our website in order to improve the website's effectiveness. We use your IP address for this purpose. We will not use the IP addresses in order to personally identify you.

Except where this is expressly provided for, this website contains no offer for nor an actual provision of any insurance service. Moreover, via this website AXA PARTNERS provides absolutely no tax or legal advice, nor any other advice of any kind whatsoever. The information which appears on the website is provided to you exclusively for purposes of information and entirely free of charge.

AXA PARTNERS shall do everything possible so that the data and information appearing on this website are adapted and up-to-date, making use of reliable sources to do so. These data and this information, which can be collected from third parties, will be updated regularly. Nevertheless, AXA PARTNERS cannot ensure the correctness, validity, relevance, usability or completeness of this information and thus does not guarantee it. It bears no liability with regard to these data and information.

AXA PARTNERS cannot be held liable, neither legally nor contractually, for harm that might be suffered as a result of using the website and/or its content, except in the event of fraud or serious misconduct.

This website contains links to other websites. These are only intended to facilitate the traffic of the visitor on the internet to the websites concerned. AXA PARTNERS offers absolutely no guarantee with regard to these websites and their contents, nor with regard to the access to these websites or the success of the link.

If we discover a security risk, we have the right at any time to interrupt our provision of service until the risk has been eliminated. Nevertheless, AXA PARTNERS cannot be held liable for IT breaches or computer fraud (such as hacking), that third parties, possibly also other visitors, should commit, which could also cause harmful consequences. The same applies in the event that a virus or any other case of force majeure should manifest itself.

All intellectual rights relating to this website, its content, its data and its form, as well as relating to the information, the brands, logos and images that appear on it, belong to one or several companies of the AXA PARTNERS group and/or to third parties who have granted a use right or any other right to the above-mentioned companies.

Access to the website never means that any intellectual right is transferred to the visitor. Consequently, you are prohibited from copying or using in whole or part the website and the documentation, the texts, the brand names and the logos that can be found on it, in any way whatsoever, unless for strictly personal and non-commercial purposes (for example, for printing out the data). Moreover, you are prohibited from disseminating, transferring or selling them.

The website and all its consequences are governed by Belgian law. Only the Belgian courts are competent to hear any dispute relating to the website and its consequences. This website is addressed, with regard to the information on and the possible offer of the products and services, exclusively to visitors who are established in Belgium. If you visit this website from some other jurisdiction, you must verify in advance whether this disclaimer and/or the information offered is compatible with the law that applies to you and, should this not be the case, to refrain from further visits.

This disclaimer can be modified by AXA PARTNERS. It is therefore prudent to consult this text regularly.