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Travel Cancellation

Save your customers from financial headaches

Why offer Travel Cancellation?

Travel plans that cannot take place due to unforeseen circumstances always put a damper on the festive spirit. Save your customers from financial headaches by offering them good cancellation insurance.

40 %
more calls
during the summer months
40 000
all over the world
20 000
ready to go into action in any country

Protect your customers from the unexpected

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns. Sometimes a trip cannot take place due to unforeseen circumstances or fate simply turns against you during your trip. With Travel Cancellation your customer will recover the costs.

Travel Cancellation covers the costs of transport, accommodation and activities. Even if your customer has to interrupt his or her trip unexpectedly, there is compensation for the extra costs. Offer your customers the travel assistance they really deserve now.

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Insurance of costs in case of cancellation

Reimbursement of the costs incurred in advance, from transport to excursions and administrative costs.

Insurance of costs in the event an interrupted trip

Reimbursement of the remaining vacation days in case of early departure.

Insurance in case a trip has to be deferred

What if the customer wants to continue the trip at a later time? No problem!

Insurance for personal and professional travel

A holiday in the sunshine with the family or a trip to a conference for work? All types of travel are covered.

Here is a list of some of the advantages

Advantages for you
  • A product that is a good fit with your services and that you offer under your name
  • Easy to implement within your own range
  • Innovative solution
  • Tailored to fit your sector
Advantages for your customers
  • Cancellation insurance for the whole family, even if they travel separately
  • Valid for trips from just one night
  • Worldwide protection
  • A wide range of causes of problems insured all year round
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