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Smart Travel Insurance

The travel insurance that compensates claims automatically

Why Smart Travel Insurance?

How can holidaymakers book early with confidence? Give them the peace of mind to once again dream of a summer abroad or a winter on the slopes. Offer good weather and transport guarantees as an inherent part of your travel offer, bank card or insurance. Set clear, unmistakable coverage parameters and handle claims automatically – according to a simple, digital if-then protocol.

No snow, no sun, no flight? Your vacation will be reimbursed!

With the cost of living crisis, travel has practically become a high-risk investment for many families. But digitised Smart Travel Insurance offers them the ultimate holiday guarantee. A holiday in the sun without sun, or a cancelled flight? The Smart Travel Insurance pays out the compensation immediately and automatically – without your customers having to take any action.


The insurance that saves you a whole lot of work and time

Smart Travel Insurance is a smart travel policy. It processes claims automatically, without any human intervention. How it works? You define a number of irrefutable parameters, such as temperatures, weather conditions or transport. Are these parameters not going to be met? Then the system gives the green light for compensation according to a simple if-then protocol. This way, you can give your customers the confidence they need to book sooner.

Smart policies, automated claims

An example? Your ski trip includes a Smart Travel Insurance as an extra advantage, with cover for 'lack of snow'. The parameters for this are if the ski resort is closed for 65% within 48 hours prior to the departure date and no snowfall is forecast within the first 3 days of the stay. Does the system detect – via connection with online weather stations, for example – that this is the case? Then it automatically transfers the compensation for the failed ski holiday to your customer's account.


Smart Travel Insurance: the travel insurance that compensates claims automatically
Automated claim management

You set irrefutable parameters such as temperature, sunshine hours, snow volume and transport. An if-then protocol automatically compensates your travellers if those parameters are not met.

Smart Travel Insurance: the travel insurance that compensates claims automatically
More confidence to go ahead and book

You give your customers the confidence to travel again. Thanks to the smart holiday guarantees and automatic compensation, the number of early bookings will increase.

Smart Travel Insurance: the travel insurance that compensates claims automatically
Your fully customised travel insurance

From extreme weather conditions to allergy protection: you choose which parameters to include in your digitised Smart Travel Insurance. You can flexibly expand or reduce these at any time.

Smart Travel Insurance: the travel insurance that compensates claims automatically
Seamlessly embedded in your offer

AXA Partners enters into a co-creation process with you and analyses your needs along with those of your market. Then we integrate Smart Travel Insurance microservice (or API) – seamlessly and easily – at any point in your sales funnel.

A few advantages for you at a glance

Advantages for you
  • Efficient: you automate monitoring, claim management and payouts
  • Economical: thanks to this automation, you can focus on the lucrative aspects of your job
  • Innovative: you position yourself in your market as a pioneer in new (digital) solutions
  • Binding: it gives you a competitive edge with your customers and generates greater customer loyalty
Advantages for your customers
  • Effortless: they don't need to file a claim, it all happens automatically
  • Worry-free: they are covered against everything from sun shortage to cancellation
  • Fast: they receive the compensation on their account immediately
  • Relaxed: they will book earlier and more often
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