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With Holiday Doctor, Sunweb Group offers its travelers peace of mind

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The Sunweb Group makes every effort to ensure that its travelers enjoy a carefree holiday. During the Covid-19 crisis and in collaboration with AXA Partners Benelux, it developed Holiday Doctor as an extra service in its travel app . Thanks to this teleconsultation service, anyone traveling with Sunweb Group can consult a GP from their own country online. 24/7, and in your own language.


Traveling today is just that little bit different. The wanderlust remains great, but travelers are increasingly booking their holiday later, or do not dare to book anything anymore - for fear of possible unexpected health problems. Sunweb Group wants its customers to enjoy peace of mind in addition to holiday fun. That is why she asks AXA Partners to link the teleconsultation solution to their service model.

Holiday doctor app reassures

In order to experience their trips as carefree as possible, Sunweb Group offers its customers services such as booking information and travel updates via its Sunweb app. Sunweb investigated how they could further expand these in-app services. This process has accelerated due to the worldwide corona pandemic. Including AXA Partners' proven teleconsultation solution as a service in their app was therefore a logical next step.

“If you are faced with an ailment or illness while on holiday abroad, it is not easy to find a doctor,” says Brenda Van Leeuwen, Chief Digital Officer at Sunweb Group. “Language is often a major barrier. In order to offer our travelers the greatest possible comfort, we have now solved that problem together with AXA Partners Benelux. The Holiday Doctor functionality in our Sunweb app helps our holidaymakers quickly diagnose and advise them via online video consultations."

Fast go-to-market thanks to white labelling

In an extremely short time frame, SunWeb Group was able to roll out its new in-app service and offer its customers online consultations. Thanks to our white-label approach, we can adapt the platforms we have developed to our customers in no time and we use our existing services and networks for them. Likewise in this case. In close collaboration with the Sunweb teams, we rolled out our Teleconsultation concept tailored to their app and made our network of professionals available. We made sure that both the personal and app services were a seamless fit with the brand and services that Sunweb customers are already familiar with.

Operational network of healthcare and service providers

We are continuously expanding the network of service providers - in the Netherlands, Belgium and other countries. Travelers who book through one of the brands of the Sunweb Group can, for example, have an online consultation from any holiday destination via video call with a doctor from Belgium or the Netherlands. And this, in Dutch, French or English. Also departures from non-Benelux countries such as United Kingdom, France, Germany, Denmark and Sweden. They get on the phone with an English, French or German speaking doctor.

We do not only select the doctors and medical professionals who carry out the online consultations. We also staff and manage the call centers that receive travelers and give appointments.

Flawless online consultations via the Sunweb app

AXA Partners - in the name of the Sunweb Group - is responsible from A to Z for the flawless course and follow-up of those online doctor visits and for quality control.

“We guarantee all travelers that they always have a doctor at hand,” says Joeri Marien, sales and marketing director of AXA Partners Benelux. “24/7 and wherever they are, they can have a video consultation with a GP from their own country. This innovative and impactful service is groundbreaking for the travel industry and a solid answer to keep travel safe. Sunweb Group is the first travel organization that puts its travelers in contact with a doctor from their home country during their vacation. We are happy that we were able to make this a reality.”

Holiday doctor: a doctor on speed dial 24/7

Sunweb customers can make unlimited use of this service. This way they leave with a safe feeling on holiday, and they have peace of mind, even if they are faced with medical ailments on the spot. The video consultation takes place via smartphone, tablet or laptop. After an initial telephone contact, an online consultation with a doctor is even possible within 30 minutes. The doctor can make a diagnosis, give advice or refer you 24 hours a day.

In order to guarantee quality, the doctor always sees the caller in the picture, which is an absolute condition for AXA Partners. Sunweb Group fully supports this and makes everything technologically possible so that this can take place in a secure online environment that complies with all quality protocols and recognitions that apply to a physical consultation.

Would you like to know more about AXA Partners' teleconsultation solution? Discover how you can enrich your customer experiences through our white label approach?

About Sunweb

Sunweb Group is one of the larger online travel agents offering travel within and outside Europe. They are based in different countries and offer trips under different brands. Sunweb and Eliza was here are the best known.

To offer our travelers the greatest possible comfort, we built the Holiday Doctor functionality into our Sunweb app together with AXA Partners Benelux. Sunweb holidaymakers in need of medical advice consult their home country doctor 24/7 - via online video consultations. This way they are immediately back on top and can continue to enjoy their trip.

– Brenda Van Leeuwen, CDO at Sunweb Group 

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