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Tyre Protect

Assure that your customers have a safe trip

Why offer Tyre Protect?

What if a puncture occurs on the way to the Alps, and the car is stuck on the hard shoulder with a flat tyre? Your customer does not have to stand by the roadside chattering teeth. With Tyre Protect, he or she knows that the tyre will be replaced quickly or the car will be taken to a tyre centre.

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Secure your customer relationship

Tyre Protect is the ultimate addition to your customer's road insurance. In this way you not only protect the car’s bodywork, but also its expensive tyres. Puncture? Tyre Protect insures the replacement with a refund.

No safe place to store winter or summer tyres? Tyre Protect, lets your customer benefit from a service contract for tyre changes and storage.

Guaranteed replacement of the burst tyre

Even if your customer is on the North Cape, we will make sure that the burst tyre is replaced. That is travelling without worries!

Reimbursement of costs

What if the tyre must be replaced? Then your customer will receive compensation in proportion to the age of the damaged tyre.

Summer and winter tyre storage

No more crowded garage. Your customer can stock his summer and winter tyres with our partners, free of charge.

Service contract for tyre changes

Looking for the nearest tyre centre or garage because a tyre has failed? We will not let it get that far. Your customers' tyres are replaced on time.

Here is a list of some of the advantages

Advantages for you
  • A much sought-after product that is a welcome addition to your current range
  • You can easily implement this product within your own range
  • You market yourself as a service-oriented company
  • You receive data insights about your customer
Advantages for your customers
  • Support available 24/7
  • A product that makes a good addition to his or her existing assistance insurance
  • Cover for incurred costs
  • A comprehensive service contract
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