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Medical Assistance

Unique assistance abroad

Why offer Medical Assistance?

What if a customer has an accident while travelling? Or he or she becomes seriously ill? In these types of situations, your customer expects the best medical care, without financial headaches. With Medical Assistance, you offer your customers a financial contribution for the costs incurred and comprehensive assistance. The only thing you need to do is wish your customer a nice trip.

3 500
per year
medical evacuations
40 000
all over the world
20 000
ready to go into action in any country

Comfortable and safe, even during an intervention abroad

Operations or other medical treatments are never really nice, but with Medical Assistance you ensure that your customer goes to the hospital with more peace of mind – also when abroad.

The insurance covers medical costs, hospitalization and extension of the stay abroad. What if repatriation is needed in the event of a medical incident? Even the costs for repatriation of luggage, vehicles, people and pets are covered.

piggy bank
Cover for medical costs

Your customer will not be bled dry by paying for medical care. With this insurance, he or she has no financial headaches and can fully focus on recovery.

Cover for extension of the stay

What if an extra night in the hospital is unexpectedly required? The insurance covers the extra costs.

health medical
Cover for follow-up costs

What if the patient still needs follow-up in his or her own country? The insurance reimburses medical care under contract conditions.

Repatriation in the event of a medical incident

What if your customer urgently needs to return to his or her own country? Then we handle getting the luggage, family members and vehicles home safely too.

Here is a list of some of the advantages

Advantages for you
  • You have a solution for an existing and future customer demand
  • It is simple to link the product to other insurance policies in your offering
  • This strengthens your customer relationship
  • You have a product that complies with all regulations and legislation
  • We take full control of the service aspect. You do not need to deploy any manpower
Advantages for your customers
  • Medical protection abroad
  • Comprehensive assistance
  • Plenty of cover for costs
  • A good addition to his or her travel insurance
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