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A consultation from the comfort of the living room

Why offer Teleconsultation?

What if someone has an urgent medical question during the weekend or while travelling? With Teleconsultation, your customer no longer has to search for the nearest hospital or a duty doctor. He or she can immediately have a quick consultation with a doctor and an initial diagnosis, by using a video call. Teleconsultation is the perfect addition to health insurance and responds to your customer's digital needs.

64 %
of Belgians
would like to have medical communication online
40 000
all over the world
20 000
ready to go into action in any country

Offer your customers a reassuring consultation

A nasty insect bite while travelling? Or a child who gets sick on Saturday night? Professional medical advice is often unavailable at such times. Teleconsulation solves this problem. Your customer calls the support line and speaks to a nurse, who then prepares the video consultation.

During the video call, the doctor tries to answer the customer's question as well as possible. If necessary, he will also refer the patient to a specialist. Of course, this is not a complete substitute for a physical consultation with the GP.

24 7
Support available worldwide 24/7

At any time of the day and in any time zone, your customer has a point of contact for medical questions.

medical assistance
Consultation details included in medical records

A report of the video consultation is then included in the patient's medical records.

Consultation in a secure environment

Your customer can only access the virtual waiting room by using a unique access code. The consultation itself also complies with all necessary security protocols.

Here is a list of some of the advantages

Advantages for you
  • A groundbreaking service that responds to your customer's digital expectations
  • Consultation in line with all regulations and legislation
  • You strengthen your position with your customer
  • You stay one step ahead of your competition
Advantages for your customers
  • Support available 24/7
  • A quick answer to medical questions
  • Accessible anywhere in the world
  • Assistance from an accredited doctor
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