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Travel Assistance

Carefree travel on every trip

Why offer Travel Assistance?

Travel Assistance is for real travellers. Is your customer going on a city trip, to a campsite or is he or she planning to travel around the world? Whatever the travel plans are, you can rely on the following: Travel Assistance offers complete travel assistance for shorter and longer periods – from practical information before travelling to medical assistance during the trip. Give your customers the travel insurance they really deserve now.

40 %
more calls
during the summer months
40 000
all over the world
20 000
ready to go into action in any country

Let your customer feel like a king when travelling

What if your customer gets sick while travelling, or has a car breakdown or loses the luggage? Unfortunately, not every trip runs smoothly. With Travel Assistance, your customer and his family get a reassuring full package: all the practical information they need for their trip and all the assistance they might need during their holiday.

Wherever your customer is in the world, our employees are available day and night to answer questions and provide assistance. And you have a unique product in your range, so that you can offer your customers carefree trips.

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Practical information for the trip

Which vaccinations are necessary? Where is there a consulate? Your customer will receive all the necessary information for his or her trip.

Assistance in the event of loss

What if valuables are stolen by a pickpocket? Your customer can contact our team day and night to find a solution.

Payment of medical costs

What if your customer has a fall or gets a fever while travelling? The insurance covers medical costs as well as repatriation if necessary.

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Protection of person and vehicle

What if your customer has a breakdown in the middle of the desert? No worries! Your customer, his or her family and their vehicle are protected from their front door to the North Pole.

Here is a list of some of the advantages

Advantages for you
  • A unique product under your name that is a good fit with your services
  • Can be included, or offered optionally within your own product range
  • Easy to implement
  • You help your customer through critical moments
Advantages for your customers
  • Protection for the whole family, including grandchildren
  • Worldwide protection
  • Protection for one year or a shorter period
  • Assistance available 24/7
  • Valuable information before departure
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