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Online Purchase Protection



Why offer Online Purchase Protection?

Ordering online: it takes just a couple of clicks. And then you have to wait for home delivery. But what if the package doesn't arrive? Or if it's delivered incomplete or broken? Make sure that your customers shop safely online! With Online Purchase Protection you can ensure that shopping remains a pleasure. Thanks to this service, they can recover the purchase price of the items ordered if something goes wrong. Compensation is just as quick and simple as the shopping itself.


Online Purchase Protection: insure your customer's online purchases

Your customers are increasingly preferring to do their shopping online. Make sure they can shop safely and also have confidence in their online purchase. Add Online Purchase Protection as an insurance component to your debit or credit card and let your customers fill their shopping carts worry-free. Because with Online Purchase Protection, you refund the purchase price of the guaranteed item if a merchant does not deliver their package or does not deliver it as promised, or fails to replace or refund it after a complaint. Does your customer need to return their purchase to the e-merchant? Then you will cover the return costs.

Purchase price refunded
Purchase price refunded

Did your customer pay for a service or product that was not delivered or was delivered incorrectly? With Online Purchase Protection, the customer will recover the purchase price thanks to you.

Return costs also covered
Return costs also covered

You pay the return costs to customers who return a purchase. That way, it's a cost they will no longer have to deal with.

Up to 3 incidents insured
Up to 3 incidents insured

Your customers will happily pull out their payment card, in the knowledge that you are insuring their purchases for a maximum of €5,000 incl. VAT per insurance year for all online stores in the EU and UK. And that counts for up to 3 incidents: 3 times as much shopping pleasure.

Always safe online
Always safe online

From now on, online shopping will always feel safe. This insurance module allows you to add one more thing to your customer's shopping cart: peace of mind.

A few of the advantages

Advantages for you
  • You are responding to an urgent need in the market
  • You can offer an innovative product
  • You strengthen the bond with your customer
  • You simply add the product to your own offer
Advantages for your customers
  • Peace of mind with every purchase
  • Up to €5,000 and 3 incidents reimbursed per year
  • A solution that's quick and practical
  • Return costs also covered
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