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Solar Panel Solution

Help your customers get the full return from their solar panels

Why you should include Solar Panel Solution in your contracts

Solar panels are good for the environment. But above all: good for your customers. Because their energy costs will melt away like snow in the sun. Show your customers your commitment to green energy: maximise the return on their investment in solar energy and link Solar Panel Solution to your credit card, insurance or energy contract. This way, they will be insured against damage and guaranteed professional maintenance and repair. But there's more. In case of bad weather or few hours of sunshine, the Solar Panel Solution system automatically pays the compensation for that loss of return onto your customer's account.

Return loss is automatically compensated

Solar panels are a serious investment – with no absolute guarantee of profit. With Solar Panel Solution you can help your customers get the most out of their installation, even in bad weather. This insurance compensates them for the return not achieved. Without you or your customers having to take any action.

Parametric claim management

The Solar Panel Solution policy is a smart contract: a parametric insurance contract that is executed without any human intervention. And it's done according to a digital protocol and clear parameters agreed in advance. For example, does the system detect that the weather is bad and the anticipated energy return has not been achieved? Then it automatically pays a compensation to your customer's account. In this way, you help them to become truly independent energy producers.


Emergency? The technician is on the way

Has there been an incident in your customer's electrical network? Then we make sure that a Home Emergency professional will takes care of them in under four hours – round the clock, seven days a week. This way, your customers are always safe and warm, without it costing them a cent.

Professional maintenance of solar panels

Dirt, dust and falling leaves limit the amount of sunlight that reaches the photovoltaic cells. Do you want to ensure that an installation continues to achieve peak efficiency and increase its service life? Then regular cleaning and professional maintenance is required. That is also included with Solar Panel Solution. This keeps your customers' installations in top condition to fully capture that solar energy.

Solar Panel Solution - Automated claim management
Automated claim management

Has the installation barely been generating returns due to bad weather? Then a solar panel owner will immediately be paid out a compensation for those days. Claims management is done automatically, via the digital and parametric 'if... – then...' protocol.

Solar Panel Solution - Environmentally conscious cleaning
Environmentally conscious cleaning

Our assistance teams regularly clean the solar panels with environmentally friendly products. In this way, the panels can capture plenty of solar energy and the installation is profitable every day of the year.

Solar Panel Solution - Optimal efficiency
Optimal efficiency

Our experts perform a yearly check of the yield and the total configuration of the solar panels. They make a report of any defects, which they then repair.

Solar Panel Solution - site foreman
Safe and professional

Electrical failure? A professional will come to your home within four hours for repairs, 24/7.
The technician will determine the cause of the breakdown, detect energy leaks, power loss or short circuits and remedy all problems in no time.

A few advantages for you at a glance

Advantages for you
  • Efficient: you automate monitoring, claim management and payouts
  • Economical: thanks to proactive maintenance you reduce the risks
  • Environmentally aware: you help your customers switch to green energy
  • Innovative: you position your organisation as a pioneer in green solutions
  • Transparent: you get and give a clear overview of the savings
Advantages for your customers
  • Energy independent: you can become your own energy producer thanks to reimbursement for lost hours of sunlight
  • Worry-free: you are covered against everything from sun shortage to damage and theft
  • Profitable: with regular cleaning you enjoy maximum solar impact
  • Sustainable: your solar panels stay in top condition for longer thanks to maintenance and repair
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