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Care Assistance

Strive for speedy recovery

Why offer Care Assistance?

What if your customer needs to recover after an illness or rehabilitate after an accident? In such cases, the recovery period at home is an important phase that requires all the necessary care and support. With Care Assistance, you offer your customer services to support his recovery.

28 %
of the Belgian population
is over 60
40 000
all over the world
20 000
ready to go into action in any country

Let your customer recover in the tranquillity of his or her own environment

Staying at home during a recovery period after an accident or to recover from an illness is never fun. Thanks to the services offered by Care Assistance, your customer receives practical support, which gives him or her more time to focus on recovery.

Your customer can completely relax and heal in his or her own environment, and enjoy some extra help in the home. Consider, for example, a babysitter, an ironing service, help with cleaning or meal deliveries.

Services provided based on needs

Our employees listen to your patient's needs and develop a customized service package based on that information.

chat man
One point of contact

Even if the customer uses a range of services, he or she has the benefit of a single, central, contact point.

psychological disability
Psychosocial help

In addition to practical services, the patient can also call on us for psychological help.

Contribution to the service provision

Your customer does not have to pay anything in advance, we handle everything.

Here is a list of some of the advantages

Advantages for you
  • A unique product that responds to trends in healthcare
  • We take full responsibility for the service aspect. You do not need to deploy manpower
  • Easy to link with your other services
  • A product that strengthens your customer relationship
Advantages for your customers
  • Your customer can really relax and get well during the sick leave
  • Your customer retains autonomy
  • Your customer can recover in his or her own environment
  • No administrative burden
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