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Home Assistance


A professional available 24/7 to visit your customer's home

Why choose Emergency@Home?

Imagine a boiler breaks down on a Saturday, or there is suddenly a leak in the roof. Then try to find a professional to fix it on a weekend. With Emergency@Home insurance you can enrich your offering with a unique service for your customers: immediate and professional assistance and intervention in the event of defects and breakdowns in the home.

150 +
available to come and help in the home
40 000
all over the world
20 000
ready to go into action in any country

Become a king of home comfort

Support the comfort of his or her family? Your customer will certainly appreciate that. With our Emergency@Home, he or she can rest assured that a domestic breakdown will be resolved immediately. This includes leaking water pipes, heating that no longer starts up, a gas leak, a broken window, etc.

Thanks to this intervention service, the best plumber, electrician or roofer will be at your customer's door within 24 hours. They will fix the problem quickly and professionally. This brings back peace and harmony in the home, and your customers will see you as a King of Customer Thinking.

Emergency service locksmith, plumber or heating engineer

What if the shower suddenly runs cold or the front door key breaks off? In such emergencies, your customer can count on our specialists.

electric repair
Damage to roof or electrical installation

From roofing to electricity, our professionals are ready for a wide variety of problems.

Pest control

Ants, rats or wasps in the house? A pest control operative will be at your customer's home in no time, and will quickly resolve the infestation.

hotel bed
Overnight stay included

What if the repair takes longer than expected? In that case, we provide hotel accommodation, home security and babysitting.

Here is a list of some of the advantages

Advantages for you
  • A network of skilled professionals all over Belgium and Luxembourg
  • An innovative and unique intervention service
  • Can be used as a separate or linked product in your offering
  • You satisfy a pressing comfort-related demand from the market
  • An ideal addition to your offering in the home category
Advantages for your customers
  • Certainty of always getting a craftsman, and whenever necessary
  • Fast and efficient intervention 24/7
  • The best craftsmen, all selected after a strict selection process
  • Budget control, by avoiding unexpected expensive interventions
andere producten

Other products of Home

With Home Manager, your customer can quickly and easily arrange a visit from a professional in the event of breakdowns or malfunctions in the home. A leaky water pipe or a defective heating system? Just a few simple clicks and the repair service is on the way. Your customer tracks the progress of the intervention by smartphone until the problem is resolved.
Why should you offer Home Manager?
With a boiler service contract, you assure your customers of a warm and safe future.
Heating Maintenance
Have your customers failed to achieve the expected return from their solar panels? This insurance automatically pays them back the difference and ensures that the installation remains in top condition.
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