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ING lion assistance, online travel insurance and personal assistance

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Anyone who goes on a trip wants to be well insured and have the best breakdown assistance guaranteed. ING understands that very well. This bank/insurer is working with AXA Partners to offer its customers carefree holidays and an excellent customer experience.


The challenge: travel insurance and assistance as a service

ING wants to offer its customers superior travel assistance. This should guarantee ING customers an excellent customer experience at two crucial moments: when they take out the insurance, and when they need assistance.

ING customers can choose, online, the insurance formula that suits them best. They determine what and who they insure, and the period of cover. A few minutes later they receive a text message confirming that their insurance is in order. ING works with AXA Partners to guarantee time-efficient and correct assistance. They use our assistance services through white labelling.

Our approach: A service tailored specifically to ING

We deliver the travel assistance that ING promises its customers with a tailor-made package of our Travel solutions: flexible products, 24/7 availability through a professional call centre, and a large network of roadside assistance.

What happens when ING customers call us because they have a breakdown on the road? The AXA Partners call centre offers help in a correct and pleasant way: we go through all the following steps, keeping in touch with the customer until the problem is completely resolved.

Constant quality monitoring

We continuously check whether everything is going perfectly within our operational team and network. And we take account of any feedback from ING. This ensures that our service continues to match the style and customer experience that the bank wants to provide. What happens when, for example, ING customers have a vehicle break down? The bank/insurer promises them assistance within the hour. And our partner network ensures that they get it.

An involved partner

We also closely monitor developments in the banking sector. This ensures that ING is in a position to renew its service and respond to changing needs and new developments of tomorrow. We also regularly present ING with new ideas, such as a tracking tool with which customers can follow the progress of the breakdown service's arrival. This proactive collaboration ensures that ING can make a difference for its customers.

The results: ING customers have a 93% satisfaction rate

Thanks to AXA Partners, ING Lion Assistance is among the best on the market. Research shows that 93% of ING customers find the sales funnel that ING has developed with AXA Partners very easy. This level of convenience helps ING agents to convince their customers to use more online applications. ING wants to keep it that way. NN Insurances, ING's insurance subsidiary, is proud that ING Lion Assistance is one of the pillars of ING's annual 'Check-up insurance' campaign.

When one of our customers has car trouble, they must have help within the hour. AXA Partners makes that happen.

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