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Safe Travel

Give your travellers full confidence in booking with you

Why offer Safe Travel?

The COVID pandemic has completely turned the travel market upside down. Travellers are afraid to book, because very often their travel and cancellation insurance does not offer a guarantee in the event of an unexpected setback. What happens, for example, if they are not allowed to board their flight after a COVID-19 check? Or if they miss their departure? And what happens if they become infected by coronavirus when abroad? With Safe Travel, our innovative travel rebound service, you solve those obstacles for your customers. This gives them the confidence to book and travel as they did before the crisis.

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An innovative response to the new travel reality

Safe Travel, the new Travel Rebound Insurance Product from AXA Partners, offers your travelling customers relief from problems that unexpectedly force them to interrupt their trip or extend their stay. You offer this multi-risk cover in addition to your cancellation and travel insurance or credit card services.

Safe Travel covers the last-minute risks that are often not included in travel insurance products* – provided there is no negative travel advice for the destination. Some examples:

  • Denied boarding, because of a positive COVID test or negative health check at the airport
  • Missed departure, due to theft of passport or credit cards en route to the airport
  • Mandatory evacuation, in case of imposed and early departure from the travel destination due to a problem such as COVID
  • Stranded abroad, due to an involuntary setback or imposed quarantine

Safe Travel can also cover medical costs abroad incurred through other risks that may or may not be related to COVID. And you can also offer medical teleconsultation with TRIP. Travellers can use this online service to consult a Belgian or Dutch doctor quickly, and have a consultation in their own language. And they receive 24/7 medical advice and a diagnosis from the safety of their hotel room.

* Franchises and limits apply to some parts of this offer. Please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to explain this to you in detail.

piggy bank
Insurance for unexpected travel disruption

Cancellation compensation for missed flight or denied boarding due to a health check at the airport.

Stranded at a destination? That is also insured.

Cover extra transportation and accommodation costs due to passport or visa theft, quarantine due to infectious diseases or government measures.

Repatriation or evacuation
Repatriation or evacuation

Interrupting the trip because of imposed health measures at the travel destination? No problem!

Medical assistance
Medical assistance and cover

A 24/7 online point of contact for your travellers' medical questions. And broader ranging medical coverage for local health problems.

Here is a list of some of the advantages

Advantages for you
  • As a pioneer, you are responding to the new reality of your travel market
  • You lower the decision threshold on making bookings for customers with uncertainties
  • You boost your business and your customers' brand loyalty
  • You reach your customer in a new and positive way
Advantages for your customers
  • Your customer has the confidence to book longer in advance
  • Thanks to the extensive medical and non-medical safety net
  • Your customer is more relaxed making the reservations, as well as when travelling
  • Your customer knows that you are fully supporting him or her on the trip
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