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Luminus customers are always warm and comfortable

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LUMINUS promises to always provide its customers with warmth and comfort. To live up to this claim and offer its customers excellent service, LUMINUS relies on AXA Partners service solutions. Under their brand name, we provide LUMINUS customers with assistance and repairs in the event of breakdowns or defects.


The challenge: fast service and that wow effect

LUMINUS wants to be more than a supplier of electricity and gas. The energy company promises to ensure that its customers always have warmth and comfort. What if a leaking roof or a broken boiler jeopardizes this? Then the company wants to quickly offer its customers a solution that guarantees a good customer experience. More precisely, a wow feeling that generates gratitude, trust and brand loyalty. LUMINUS makes this happen with its Comfort Service and Boiler Warranty, two products based on our Home solutions.

Our approach: A call centre available 24/7 and a pool of experts

Using the principle of white labelling, AXA Partners sets up the operational assistance and repair service for LUMINUS: a 24/7 call centre and a pool of experts ensure fast and professional solutions for defects, breakdowns and heating failures, all under the LUMINUS brand banner.

The emergency number is available 24/7 for LUMINUS customers. The AXA Partners call centre employees first asses the problem well. Then, within the promised timing, we send an expert to solve the problem properly, and all in the name of LUMINUS. And the AXA Partners team closely monitors the service provided to ensure consistent top quality.

Transparent collaboration

AXA Partners is perfectly complementary to LUMINUS. Thanks to our knowledge of and experience in providing assistance, we create products with LUMINUS that the energy supplier can then bring to the market relatively quickly. And we work together with full transparency. That creates confidence. For example, we use open accounting. But what if problems arise? Then we discuss them openly with each other. Thanks to this complementarity, openness and trust, LUMINUS has been working with us for more than ten years.

The results are sky-high NPS scores

LUMINUS achieves very high Net Promoter Scores for its two services. Imagine your boiler breaks down just before Christmas Eve and it has been fixed properly just a few hours later. You would certainly be a very satisfied LUMINUS customer.

Even a boiler that fails just before Christmas Eve is fixed only a few hours later. Of course you will then be satisfied as a customer.

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