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What do customers expect from their travel insurance? Neckermann enhances expertise

Sun, sea, and… falling sick. Nice as it is to book a trip, today, more than ever, it's accompanied by uncertainties: Will I be able to travel? What if I have to cancel for some reason? Neckermann offers its travellers an answer to this with insurance policies from AXA Partners. And in order to be able to guide customers even better, Neckermann's travel agents have received extensive training.


As a service partner, AXA Partners not only offers tailor-made insurance policies, but training courses are also part of the package. Because companies like Neckermann get quite a few questions from their customers: What is covered by my insurance and what isn't? What is the process like when I make a claim? During these training sessions, AXA Partners provides the travel agents with all the necessary information to answer such questions.

Getting to know the needs of travellers

Besides an opportunity to go deeper into the insurance packages, the training days are also an ideal moment for feedback: What questions do consumers struggle with? Which services may be missing from the insurance package? Neckermann's travel agents are ideally placed to find out what travellers expect from an insurance policy today.

For example, it turns out that travellers are much less concerned with what can go wrong during their trip (such as a car accident or illness), but they are mainly focused on the moment of departure (Do I get my money back if, for some reason, I cannot go?). This information is invaluable for AXA Partners in order to be able to continue to optimise the insurance offer. Win-win, in other words.

Certification? Check!

But there's another important reason to follow a training course: certification. Anyone who sells insurance is required to have the approval of the supervisory body: the FSMA. Thanks to the AXA Partners training courses that Neckermann's travel agents followed, they're all set with that certification.

Take a look: This is how Neckermann's travel agents experienced their training day

An insurance package tailored to your customers

In the travel industry or elsewhere, what the insurance needs of your customers are today may be completely different tomorrow. Especially in uncertain economic times like these. Do you also want to offer them a customised package and stay up-to-date yourself? We would be happy to discuss the possibilities for your company with you. Feel free to contact us!

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