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Customer satisfaction increases during corona pandemic

Although 2020 was an extraordinary commercial year that brought many challenges, it was also the year in which relationships with Business Partners grew closer and were strengthened. The result has been some great new and more intensive collaborations, says Joeri Mariën, Sales & Marketing Director Benelux.


Pandemic pushes the limits of Business Continuity

"Being prepared in an emergency is the core of our business. Yet the current global crisis has challenged all the limits of Business Continuity and put us in a situation that we had never tested before, let alone experienced. Nevertheless, we managed to switch very quickly and successfully to a model based for 100% on working from home, while retaining functionality and service."

Smart tools for easy access to Assistance

The flexibility led to a number of positive outcomes. "Firstly, we have invested more than ever in modern communication tools. We communicate via WhatsApp (70,000 messages exchanged), we help out stranded motorists via the eRescue app and, with our bot MAX, we rely on artificial intelligence to provide a replacement car (more than 8,000 calls)."

Customer relationships strengthened

The service to existing and new Business Partners is at a high level. "Very recently, 96% of our customers indicated that working with AXA Partners helps them to increase customer loyalty. More than ever, innovative, high-quality service is a decisive factor for entering into partnerships with us."

Inspiring sales processes

"Thanks to our excellent contacts and inspiring sales processes with our Business Partners, in 2020 we also managed to start up a number of great new partnerships with renowned players in areas such as the banking, insurance, health and telecom provider sectors. In the midst of the pandemic, together with one of the largest telecom providers in Belgium, we put a solution on the market that perfectly responds to the need for online security, especially now that working from home has become the new normal. We have also successfully renewed partnerships in the energy and insurance sectors."

To-the-point solutions

"Because of the crisis, our Business Partners had quite a lot of urgent questions. We communicated quickly and intensively and helped them wherever possible. For example, we made the consequences of the Covid-19 colour codes for their cancellation and travel insurance policies clearly understandable. When virtually the entire travel sector came to a standstill, we proactively created a new Travel offer that restores travellers' confidence and should help bring the sector back to life. Acting quickly required a switch in our sales efforts and a short time-to-market, but the results are impressive."

Following through on our Partnership Promise

"Our Business Partners are very satisfied with our commitment to them and have made a point of thanking us for our excellent collaboration. They are discovering that even during a global crisis, we really deliver on our Partnership Promise."

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