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Smart app provides personal assistance

What is PLEEZ?

Everyone is looking for ways to make their life easier. The mobile app PLEEZ offers an answer to this. PLEEZ is the innovative and personal assistant for quick customised answers. The app combines Artificial Intelligence and human expertise, giving people one clear answer to their question, instead of wasting time searching online.

5.00 %
more smartphone users
in Belgium in 2018
1000.00 +
300.00 +

The right answer is always ready

Call up your hotel reservation in a flash? Book a taxi in Istanbul? Or finding an excellent fish restaurant in Switzerland? PLEEZ provides your customers with an immediate answer - according to their personal preferences. With every question, the application gets smarter and the results more targeted. Is the chatbot unable to answer the question? Then one of our employees takes over and provides further personal support.

In addition, PLEEZ acts as a second memory: the app reminds your client of important dates, such as the birthdays of all his/her contacts. In short, a digital personal assistant.

Some advantages at a glance

Advantages for you
  • You offer your customer a product that combines AI with personal contact
  • PLEEZ continues to learn and tailor its answers to the needs of your customer
  • You respond to the trend of AI-driven assistance
  • You are one step ahead of your competition
Advantages for your customers
  • A time-saving product
  • An app that gives your customer new suggestions, tailored to his profile
  • Hyper-personal assistance - always at hand
  • Clear answers, no scrolling overview pages
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