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Digital Protect

Arm your customer against the dangers of the internet.

Why offer Digital Protect?

Phishing, ransomware or identity theft: cybercrime is on the rise. And private individuals also face cyber risks and their sometimes-costly consequences. For example, online bank fraud through phishing increased seven-fold in just one year. And 90% of cyberattacks arrive via email. Young people can also become victims of cyberbullying through social media. Thanks to our Cyber services, your customer can count on technical, legal and psychological guidance when something goes wrong online.

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of Belgians
regularly reuse passwords
all over the world
ready to go into action in any country

Make each one of your customers master of his or her private data

Privacy and cybercrime are crucial themes to which you want to offer your customers a ready-made solutions.

With Digital Protect, your customers get advice on how to protect their data better, as well as technical and legal support when needed. And they receive answers to pressing questions quickly, through a 24/7 hotline.

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Practical advice

How to limit the risks of cybercrime? With the right advice, your customers will avoid a lot of problems.

Comprehensive assistance

If your customer or his/her child is a victim of cybercrime, he or she will receive technical, legal and psychological support.

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Reimbursement of costs and claims

What if your customer has paid for a non-existent service or product? With Privacy Assist, your customer will receive compensation for the costs incurred.

24 7
Hotline working 24/7

What if a suspicious situation occurs? Our support team is ready to help your customer out of perilous situations.

Here is a list of some of the advantages

Advantages for you
  • You respond to an urgent need in the market
  • You strengthen your bond with your customer and receive new insights about him or her
  • You offer an innovative product
  • You can easily implement the product within your own range
Advantages for your customers
  • Support for questions about cybercrime 24/7
  • In addition to technical support, you also provide legal and psychological assistance
  • A practical solution for the whole family
  • Insurance that goes that extra mile
  • A better understanding of the unknown territory of the cyber world
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