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Mobile Phone Insurance

Mobile, anytime, anywhere

Why offer Mobile Phone Insurance?

Always being available has become the norm. What if the phone fell in the bath or is stolen by a sneak thief? With Mobile Phone Insurance, we replace the device or have it repaired, in your name. This way your customers have a guarantee of being contactable by phone if such situations occur.

5.00 %
more smartphone users
in Belgium in 2018
1000.00 +
300.00 +

Everyone is king if they are always contactable

You probably want to be contactable for your customers at all times? In that case, you know how important it is for them to be so for their business relations.

With the Mobile Phone Insurance, you give your customers that security because this insurance provides a three-year repair and replacement warranty on their phones. And you have a team ready to immediately resolve any phone loss or damage.

A quick replacement

When necessary, we provide a similar replacement device quickly, so that your customer is immediately available again.

Three-year contract

Your customer enjoys a warranty contract that equals the average life of his or her smartphone.

mobile repair
Fast, professional repairs

Any damage to a phone is immediately repaired. No repair possible? Then we replace the device under warranty conditions.

Theft protection

Even if a phone is stolen, we provide a solution under contract terms, and at no additional cost.

Here is a list of some of the advantages

Advantages for you
  • You stay one step ahead of your competition
  • You offer a much sought-after service
  • You meet the demand of both companies and individuals
Advantages for your customers
  • Unique phone accessibility guarantee
  • Never again without a smartphone
  • Fast and professional repairs
  • Replacement of a valuable asset
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