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Extended shop warranty: smart and affordable

Extended shop warranty: smart and affordable

Why choose Extended Warranty?

What if you have a breakdown of a washing machine, TV or computer and then notice that the warranty has just expired? It is annoying and expensive. It would be better to have extended warranty on all larger purchases. But isn't that expensive and complicated? Actually, it isn't. With the Extended Warranty on white, brown and grey goods, your customer extends the shop warranty for all his devices at once.

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Avoid unexpected costs with household and multimedia devices

We cannot live without our television, dishwasher and dryer, preferably not even for a day. We do not expect new devices to break down, and yet they do.

With the Extended Warranty insurance you offer customers the assurance that their more recent white, brown and grey goods purchases will not lead to disappointment. And you ensure that they get immediate support if a device isn't working. We handle the repairs, and replacement when necessary. And all this is included in one convenient policy, covering all devices, and with five-year validity.

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One policy covering it all

With one easy policy, your customer has an extra three years warranty, on top of the legally obligatory two years, on all his or her household and multimedia devices.

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Preventive maintenance

Would you rather use prevention than cure? We provide numerous tips and tricks for extending the lifespan of devices.

Immediate assistance

In cases of breakdown or malfunction, and technical or mechanical faults – our professional help is at your customer's door in no time.

Delivery and installation included

What if repair is no longer possible? We also provide delivery of a new device to your customer, and installation.

Here is a list of some of the advantages

Advantages for you
  • You offer customers security with big purchases
  • You increase the value of your own product
  • You offer your customers an extensive service, without using extra manpower
Advantages for your customers
  • The pleasure of having a comprehensive service
  • Professional help at home quickly
  • A policy covering a wide range of devices
  • Certainty that you will enjoy your purchase for years to come
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