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The Ultimate Moment of Truth

AXA Partners has had an excellent partnership relationship with its Business Partners for many years, in which we work closely together to co-create services and bring them to market. "Our strength is that, in those collaboration processes, we successfully go through several 'moments of truth'. But the pandemic was the ultimate stress test," admits Chief Marketing Officer Guy Serdobbel.


Expanding services at lightning speed

"Helping is in the DNA of AXA Partners. Now it was the ultimate moment of truth to show that we do what we promise, and more. Think quickly, decide quickly, communicate intensively and go further than ever before to support our Business Partners and their end customers. We opened up our assistance range: for example, our travel insurance policies were extended when travellers were unable to return due to the pandemic, we intervened in cancellation fees and quarantines abroad in the early months, and we regarded care in hotels as hospitalisations. In this way, Business Partners were able to reassure their customers very quickly."

Anticipate with strong responses

"We not only expanded our existing services, but also developed new solutions at lightning speed that enabled our Business Partners to provide their customers with strong responses to their drastically changed needs. When mental health came under severe pressure due to the crisis, for example, we expanded our Teleconsultation service offering with psychological consultations via video call. The goal was to work with our Business Partner to provide as many people as possible with easy and fast access to quality mental support.

The severely affected travel market saw wavering travellers who were looking for more safety. At their request, we expanded our medical teleconsultation capacity. For example, Belgian travellers abroad can have a video consultation with a Belgian GP within 30 minutes. We currently offer this service for travellers in different countries. Very recently, we also launched a unique and innovative travel product, which, as an add-on to existing travel and cancellation insurance policies, helps with unexpected travel interruptions such as not being allowed to board due to illness symptoms, stolen visa, etc."

Societal needs and answers

"In this crisis, customers see us more than ever as THE partner who creates added value for their end customers. With a nose for customer expectations and trends, and a dedicated and resilient team, we have everything we need to make the leap forward together with our Partners.

We believe it is important to create relevant touchpoints for our Business Partners with their end customers. That is why we gather insights into end customer needs, strive to understand their sector and detect trends. This is done through our own research, but we also engage in co-creation processes with our Business Partners in which our open contacts are crucial. For example, for the third year in a row, we investigated the cyber hygiene of Belgians. The AXA Partners Cyberbarometer shows that the heightened concerns among Belgians about their cyber security does not lead to significantly better cyber hygiene practices. We also conducted research into the specific needs and wishes of the Silver Generation. The key finding is that seniors mainly want solutions to live comfortably at home for as long as possible. As a partner, we help our Business Partners to provide accurate, value-added services for these types of needs."

Providing a quick response to new needs

"2020 was a tough year, but AXA Partners is ready to emerge stronger from this crisis. While the Travel business is being hit, new opportunities are emerging in the Health sector. And even in Travel we see opportunities. Our strategy remains unchanged and our mission is more relevant than ever: with services and insurance, we want to protect what is important, when it really matters. Together with our Business Partners, we therefore create customer-oriented solutions that perfectly meet the needs of 'the new normal'."

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