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Extended store warranty: customer loyalty guaranteed

A tablet, washing machine or smartwatch: these are devices that we use every day, almost without thinking about it. But they wear out unnoticed and, eventually, they break down. When that happens just after the expiration of the warranty, it's not just a bummer but a real struggle. Do you want to protect your customers with a service that goes beyond the statutory two-year warranty? Then consider adding Extended Warranty as an added value element to your payment card, product offering or service package.


When buying a pricey home appliance, multimedia device or a more expensive gadget like a smartwatch or an e-reader, customers are often reluctant to pay for an extended store warranty. However, this extended warranty is a pleasant extra when you offer it to them as part of your own product or payment card. It is a handy service that combines maintenance and breakdown assistance for all devices. In other words, your customer is covered for each individual device at once and no longer needs to collect and keep track of all the separate receipts. 

Moreover, your extended warranty applies to an unlimited number of devices, an unlimited number of claims and ... there is no deductible for your customer. This way, you give your customer the most carefree user experience and ensure the best experience with your brand. 

How does an extended store warranty make your customer's life concretely easier? We set it all in a list for you.

Fast and secure

When we invest in an (expensive) household appliance, we hope it will last for years. Such an investment is much more secure when all - often expensive - repairs are covered for years as well. An extended warranty saves your customer a lot of money, but also time and effort.

Your customer doesn't have to search for a repair shop or wait an eternity for an appointment. Via one agreed telephone number, the service appointment is scheduled in no time. Your customer will have his repaired appliance back before he can start missing it. 

100% authentic parts

Extended Warranty is also a sustainable choice. Appliances don't have to be replaced with a new model every time. When made good as new thanks to professional repairs and original replacement parts, they can last much longer.

Our network of professionals ensures that your customer can count on the most complete assistance for any defect in their device. Our skilled technicians are recognized and certified by the insurance company. They use only 100% authentic parts, which guarantee perfect performance of the appliance. This way it is brand new again, and a warranty on the replaced parts is also included.

Lifesaver specialists for your customers

Their favorite household appliances and high-tech gadgets: your customer can't go a day without them. When one of these appliances breaks down, it is always an inconvenience. With a maintenance and repair service as an integral part of your offer, you can provide a solution in no time, and that strengthens your relationship with your customer. 

The fact that you assist your client immediately instills extra confidence in your other services. You become the life partner who can easily deal with anything going wrong for your client. Moreover, a satisfactory service is the ideal word-of-mouth advertisement. 

The most complete coverage plan

The big advantage of AXA Partners' coverage plan? All home and multimedia devices, smartphones and gadgets are covered at once. You choose which devices to cover according to our categories: kitchen, SDA, home entertainment, IT, smartphones & gadgets, photo and video. 
The big plus for you? You put your package together completely according to your needs with our separate insurance modules and assistance, or combine it with other services such as theft insurance. All depending on what you yourself consider strategically useful and what your customers need. 

For example, you could choose to add the five years of additional coverage, but omit the repair service. Whichever services you prefer, it's all good. We ensure that all insurance policies are in order, both from a regulatory and a legal point of view. Our professionals are ready from day one to provide, on your behalf, the top service your client deserves. 

Discover all the benefits of AXA Partners' Extended Warranty or contact us today for a no-obligation brainstorming or simulation. 

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