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What kind of post-pandemic healthcare partner are you for your customers?

Waiting lists for mental healthcare are at record levels. Serious conditions are going undetected for too long. The follow-up of chronic patients costs a lot of time and money, to the detriment of much-needed preventive care. The traditional healthcare system is increasingly failing to provide accessible and high-quality care, adapted to current needs. While public healthcare is trying to catch up, there is a great opportunity for companies. By intelligently responding to the needs of your customers and employees, your organisation can become a valued healthcare partner. Here, you will find 5 healthcare needs that you can take steps to address.


A lifelong personalised health journey

In our healthcare system, patients with acute health problems or complex chronic conditions are monitored and treated. But what about someone who has no acute complaints? For the sake of the individual, the economy and society, it is at least as important to keep that person healthy and to support them. With a customised exercise plan, for example, or with a handy digital platform where they can easily book an annual medical check-up.

Support all your customers with a personalised health journey From the healthy baby and the obese youngster to the senior citizen living at home. In a series of virtual and in-person contact points, you can offer your customers a range of health prevention, curative care and additional services, perfectly tailored to their care needs at that moment. Think of health apps, self-diagnosis tools or home delivery of medicines.

Care under your own management

Consumers want to be in control of their care. In the first place, they expect insight into their medical file. They want to be able to choose to monitor their blood pressure themselves or to receive guidance for their diabetes remotely. Patients discharged from the hospital expect to be able to easily arrange home services such as nursing, physiotherapy and babysitting.

Enable self-management with an ecosystem of health services that are bundled and easily accessible to your customers via a customer-friendly digital platform.

Remote healthcare

Over the past five years, the number of online searches for 'telehealth' has increased by a whopping 154%. This figure speaks volumes about the busy parent who can no longer make it to the doctor in the evening with a sick child. Or about an older person who has difficulty walking but would still like to discuss his blood results with a doctor.

Provide your customers with the ability to easily, quickly and securely chat or video call a doctor. At home, but also when travelling. There are strong signs that customers no longer want to go without the comfort of digital healthcare.

Medical care while travelling

Consumers want help with medical problems, not only at home but also when travelling. That need had faded somewhat before Covid, but in the mind of the consumer, being able to travel with confidence is now once again priority number one. Because imagine being in a completely foreign country where no one speaks English and you have to look for a good doctor. Or that you are seriously injured abroad and cannot get home without help.

Guarantee your customers' peace of mind with comprehensive medical assistance and financial intervention for medical care abroad. Also, offer them a convenient online solution that allows them to find a doctor nearby or request a teleconsultation.

Low-threshold psychological care

The number of Belgians struggling to maintain their psychological well-being has tripled since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. Yet three out of four compatriots have never sought psychological help. They say they cannot afford psychological help or are faced with long waiting lists. More and more organisations are realising the gravity of the situation.

Offer your customers or employees accessible (virtual) consultations with a psychologist and ensure that they can reach them quickly. In this way, you make preventive and primary psychological help more accessible, and more serious complaints can often be prevented.

This is how you remain a caring partner for your customers

For a long time, experts and ordinary citizens were not overly concerned with health risks. Until 2019, these issues were not even in the top five of AXA's Future Risks Survey worldwide. That has changed since Covid. The pandemic has made your customers more aware of the many major and minor health risks to which we are all exposed. It has also changed their care needs or at least heightened some of them.

The way you respond to your customers' changing healthcare needs will determine whether they will see you as a reliable healthcare partner in the future. Use our proven success formulas such as Teleconsultation and Psychological Assistance. Or, together with us, co-create an innovative answer to your customers' healthcare needs. Contact us to work out your solution.

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