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AXA Belgium pioneer in teleconsultation, thanks to AXA Partners

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By enriching its hospitalization insurance with the innovative Teleconsultation service from AXA Partners, AXA Belgium is making a difference - especially for double earners with children, seniors, and travellers. In case of an urgent medical question, they can consult an accredited doctor onscreen on their laptop or smartphone within half an hour.


The challenge: to always have an accredited doctor within reach

Five hundred thousand Belgians have hospitalization insurance with AXA Belgium. The insurer wants to add value by giving its customers easier access to healthcare. The groundbreaking Teleconsultation service developed by AXA Partners assures AXA Belgium customers that they will have medical support whenever they need it.

Our approach: an innovative remote service for initial diagnosis

Customers can use Teleconsultation to consult an accredited doctor - using their laptop, PC or smartphone - at times when their own GP is not available or cannot be reached quickly enough. To do this, they use the video consultation service and network of doctors that AXA Partners offers under the brand name of the bank/insurer in question. AXA Belgium thus strengthens its digital strategy and role as a partner for its customers.

Consultation within 30 minutes

AXA Belgium customers will see a doctor within 30 minutes,. A nurse will call them first to ask some questions and to prepare for the consultation. Then they receive a unique access code. At the time they have chosen for their appointment, they have direct contact with the doctor in a virtual consultation room.

Flow of medical reports

Just like with a physical consultation, the doctor gives advice, makes a diagnosis and/or refers the patient to a specialist or the emergency services. Afterwards, the doctor draws up a report that is automatically added to the customer's medical file. The digital consultations comply with all protocols and accreditations that apply to physical consultations.

The results: Satisfaction among French users is 95%

Teleconsultation results at AXA France show that users are satisfied with the quality and user-ease of the teleconsultations. Since the system's launch in 2015, 20,000 French customers have requested a teleconsultation. Six thousand of these consultations were for children. Ninety-five percent of applicants are satisfied with the diagnosis and 90% would consult a doctor online again.

Teleconsultation: Two out of three Belgians have been won over

Research shows that 64% of Belgians are also open to having an online consultation. Families, young people up to 30 years old, and business people have been won over in particular. It saves them time, there is no need to travel, and they receive help wherever they are at the moment.

We see that 64% of Belgians are open to teleconsultation. It saves them time, there is no need to travel, and they receive help wherever they are at the moment.

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